Evercom is rip off company that hijacks phone services, sets up unauthorized accounts and refuses to give out information on said accounts. Put me on hold and refused to allow me to speak with a Supervisor because I asked what account information they had listed for us.

They kept asking me to verify the account information and I asked them what they had, they said they couldn't give me that information, I had to give it to them first.

I asked them who authorized the account and they told me my telephone company.

They told me I would have to fill out a form if I didn't want to receive any more calls from inmates!


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Oregon, Missouri, United States #737008


and they insult their customers.. they stole my money and they are still trying to steal money from my credit card..and called me a prison ***, they have absolutely NO RESPECT for people with loved ones in jail.. they ripped me off but I found a great phone service now..

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Just try Cold Crib Communications They are way better and dont have hidden fees They also have unlimited calls for $17 a month.

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